Eight Steps to Installing Sliding Closet Doors

Installing sliding closet doors not only makes access to your clothes much more convenient, it gives your bedroom an instant face lift. Sliding doors, also referred to as bypass doors, are your best option for maximizing space, which is a welcome improvement in a smaller room. Installing the tracks and the doors is not as nearly as difficult as you might think either.

Eight Steps

1. Take Measurements – You will need to measure the opening where the door will go. It is a good idea to measure the top and the bottom of the space just to be safe. Record these measurements and take them with you to the hardware store.

2. Choose Your Material – There are different types of wood to choose from or you may want to install mirrors. Make sure that you pick up wood stain and related materials if your timber is unfurnished.

3. Prep Your Doors – If you are working with raw materials, you may need to sand, stain and let them dry however, many doors come ready to install when you buy them so this step won’t be necessary.

4. Remove Old Door(s) – Whether you have a standard door or old wardrobe sliding doors currently leading into your closet, they will need to be removed. The old track will also need to be removed using a screwdriver as well because chances are, you won’t need any of the old hardware other than the door guides.

5. Track Install – Using your drill, you will install the upper and lower track, make sure that it fits right against the door opening. You may want to use a shim to level the track if necessary.

6. Mounting – If you had sliding doors before, you can use the previous location as a guide to mount the brackets. Make sure that the screws are tightly seated so that the tops of them won’t interfere with the movement of the rollers. However, take caution not to over tighten them or they can warp which will inhibit smooth door movement.

7. Rollers – The rollers will need to be mounted on the doors following the manufacturer’s instructions. Some kits will already have these mounted for you.

8. Hang your new doors on their tracks.

Helpful Tips

• The most popular door height is 80 inches however, this can vary depending on the age, location and overall structural design of your home. Doors can easily be custom built to individual specifications if necessary.

• When working with large pieces, always have someone help you to avoid damage to the door or injury to your self.

• Always wear proper safety gear when installing sliding closet doors such as goggles, gloves, ear plugs and work boots or shoes.

Sliding Closet Doors: A Buyer’s Primer

Many reasons exist for installing sliding closet doors. Those that were originally included in your home might not be operating correctly, for example, or maybe you’d prefer to install a mirrored variation. Perhaps the actual wardrobe door track or roller has fallen apart and you need to build new ones. Regardless of the reason or reasons, there are several fundamental ideas to consider when you plan to go about replacing them.

First, before getting into the designs of them and other aspects, you need to measure the doors and jambs that are already there. While it might seem an obvious step, many homeowners skip it and wish they hadn’t. You’ll need the exact of dimensions prior to you heading to the shop to purchase a brand new set of closet panels.

You’ll find all types of from wood to steel, at just about any kind of hardware store. You might want to look around a little prior to deciding on the door you intend to buy. The web is actually a great place to start your window-shopping, just be sure to do the final judging in person. The only way to know the quality, the finish and the overall style and how it suits your personality is face to face.

Ensure that the kind of sliding closet door that’s selected matches the feel of the room where it will be installed as well as the remaining house. If your home has one style, try not to pick a style that comes out of left field. It’s also important to buy for the person or persons who will be using the door on a regular basis. Generally, children tend to require much sturdier types than grownups do, for example.

Cheaper Is Not Better – Neither Is More Expensive

There are many types to consider. They are available at varying costs – but buyer beware: the cheapest nor the most expensive are usually the best choice of all. How well-crafted the door is should be the primary consideration. A poorly made door that looks good should only be considered in rooms where it serves an ornamental purpose.

Pre-Finished Or Not?

Color is the next consideration. You can purchase them already painted or stained. Another option would be to buy a wood doorway that’s incomplete and stain or paint it on your own. This can reduce the cost considerably in many cases. Of course, the door will need to be painted and dry prior to installation.

Swapping Out Old For New Doors

Old sliding doors are easy to pop out. If there’s a locking mechanism, it’s easy to shut off. The existing track will also need to be removed as will all of the hardware. In its place, follow the new doors’ instructions and install the new track and hardware. From there, it should be a cinch to pop in the new one and use them. A lot of newer sliding doors already come with the rollers pre-installed, which makes this process even easier. Once the new sliding closet doors are on their tracks, preferably by two people, they should move efficiently and be ready for years of use.

If You Want to Save Space, Consider Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding closet doors are the favorite door type of homeowners who want to save space. A sliding or bypass door does not require a front clearance to open or close. Additionally, they come in many styles such as wooden, louvered, French, mirrored or glass.

Your choices of sliding closet doors are numerous that it could be confusing and overwhelming finding one that answers your needs. It would be smart then to examine carefully each sliding closet door available on the market.

NUporte 48 In. x 80 In. White 2110 Series 1-Panel Grand Door from Aura Home Design:

This door meets the demands of the modern lifestyle with fashionable designs that complement contemporary to casual home décor. It is made attractive and durable by rich finishes and its high quality and stylish look add vitality and warmth to your home. The door is pre-assembled for easy installation and comes with track and hardware, matching fascia, floor guide and dial adjust rollers. The dimensions are 3.4375 inches in depth, 81 inches in height and 49 inches in width. Door thickness is 2.25 inches.

Prime-Line Products Black Painted Aluminum Sliding Glass Door Handle Pull Set:

The door features a standard handle set, extruded aluminum interior pull, exterior pull in black, mortise latch and surface mounted. The hole center measures 3 and 15/16 inches.

Manor Court 72″ White Laguna Bottom-Roll Interior Mirror Sliding Door:

This mirrored interior door has a medium frame measuring 72 inches. The door is constructed from bright white steel and comes with safety back mirror. The mirror style is plain with clear tint. Finished opening width is 72 inches and height is 80 and ½ inches

KingStar 24 Inches Gold Top-Roll Interior Mirror Sliding Door:

This door comes with one-piece track and safety-backed clear mirror. It is adjustable for easy installation. It has two panels, 3mm-thick mirror, top roller and steel frame. It fits finish openings of 48 inches in width and 80 inches in height.

Closet Doors from The Sliding Door Co.:

The company offers sliding closet doors that can be used for your wardrobe, linen closet or guest room. The doors can instantly enhance your living space with elegance and style. Glass options are clear, frosted, opaque, linen, mirrored and milky. Available framework finishes are silver, maple, wenge, white, walnut and black. Design choices are Quattro, trio, Tokyo, duo T, combo and pentagon. The framework width is available in either ½-inch or 3 inches while the extrusion wall thickness is.050mm. The company guarantees that its doors are constructed of the highest quality materials to last for a long period of time. The door comes with upper roller guide and bottom wheels. The door operates the smoothest and the quietest, making it the envy of many in the industry.

Sliding Wardrobe Door System from Johnson Door:

This door is manufactured from kiln dried timbers, professional finished in antique pine, mahogany stained meranti, clear pine or white oak. It features a molded leading edge, raised panels made of medium density fiberboard with timber veneer. The available style is full mirror with solid wood framing. The door fits an opening height of 90 inches and widths of 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches.

Spare yourself the trouble of going from one store to another to find the right sliding closet door for you by accessing the Internet. Sliding closet doors in a variety of different sizes, materials, color and finishes are available from many online retailers at affordable prices.

How To Find the Best Makers of Pocket Sliding Glass Doors

When pocket sliding glass doors are made from quality materials and workmanship, and the installation has been done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the result is beautiful doors that not only enhance the appearance of the space but also doors that provide easy function. Whether used as a divider, closet doors, for a wardrobe, on an armoire, or something else, once the doors are installed using the right tracks, they would slide effortlessly from one side to the other.

If you were to conduct online research, you would quickly discover that a number of different systems exist for doors of this type but unfortunately not all are created equal. If you want doors that look great for a home remodel project, a new home build, or simply as a replacement for other doors that are outdated or nonfunctioning, pocket doors are an ideal solution. However, it is essential that you purchase the doors from a reputable manufacturer so you would have peace of mind and a guarantee of the doors working exactly as anticipated.

This type of door has changed dramatically over the years. During the 1970s and 1980s, doors were thin and made of wood. Although they served their purpose, they also did nothing for aesthetics. Today, you would be amazed that along with glass being used, many of the styles and designs of pocket doors are gorgeous. If you preferred an understated look yet one of elegance, you might consider transparent glass designed with engraved lines and a frosted background. Designed as a system consisting of a single curved door, the tempered glass and brushed stainless steel hardware complement one another.

Another popular trend for today’s pocket sliding glass doors is colored glass. Of course, the color chosen would depend on the look you want to achieve. For instance, for a feminine bedroom, you might consider pink glass on a single curved door that floats in tempered glass coupled with transparent glass knobs. If you prefer something a little more dramatic, transparent glass featuring engraved and painted lines along with a frosted background would create a unique visual effect in the room. With this, the sliding door would overlap onto fixed panels giving the impression of light floating within the tempered glass. To complete the look, you might consider handles of brushed stainless steel.

Great Ideas For Incorporating Interior Sliding Glass Doors Into Your Home

When it comes to interior sliding glass doors, a number of opportunities exist. For instance, pocket doors made of glass have become an incredibly popular solution. Just as the early version of this type of door made from wood was popular years ago, doors now made of glass have provided a beautiful yet functional solution. Many people are surprised that the pocket type could be made from glass since they slide into the wall but many amazing styles and designs are available. Whether looking for something sophisticated and elegant, doors with a simple and clean look, or sliding doors with character and whimsy, an abundance of options exist.

In addition to pocket sliding doors, other styles of glass doors exist. As an example, if you needed to create a room divider between a bedroom and home office but you wanted something unique, you could have sliding variation installed whereby they would be suspended from a track on the ceiling. This type of top-hung style would make it possible to open the space up by pushing the door to the side, or closing the rooms off by positioning the door between the two spaces. Then, to enhance the look, it would be important to choose the right hardware.

You might also look into bypass glass doors. Typically, these are used on closets, wardrobes, and even pantries. For functionality, these would simply slide past and behind one another to open them. However, to close, the doors would be adjacent to one another, meaning the doorway or open space is completely blocked. For these to work, tracks would need to be installed on the bottom or top of the door frame. Now, depending on the look wanted, you could choose etched, clear, frosted, or even colored glass.

We also wanted to mention arcadia systems for interior sliding glass doors. While this type of door has been around for years, it remains very popular. Usually, these are rectangular shaped and made of glass. However, one difference between this system and others made of glass is that the sliding door is mounted onto rollers that run parallel to a fixed panel or other object of the same size and shape. By aligning with the adjacent glass panel the arcadia door would be completely open. However, once the door is slid on the track into place, it would close off the space. In most cases, these glass doors are used to create a barrier between an interior and exterior space such as a patio.